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is a deity of the Roman religion, his name derives from the Greek appellative Βάκχος (Bákkhos), son of Jupiter and of the mortal Semele was born as a demigod but was promoted to divinity by Jupiter for having invented wine. God of wine and grape harvest, as well as the pleasure of the senses and fun, was celebrated with the cult of the "Baccanale" orgiastic feast which later became propitiatory for the gods on the occasion of the sowing and harvesting of the crops. The God in pictorial and sculptural representations is often depicted as a man with a head surrounded by vine leaves, not thin or muscular: usually drunk, often holding a cup of wine or a thyrsus in his hand.
In the work, the God of wine is proposed in the colors of grapes, recalling the intertwining of the vine baskets and the grape. Its misunderstood form recalls the "Bacchanalia", ancient Roman festivals dedicated to Bacchus, represented over and over again in the history of art.

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