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The first Lex Italica dates back to 2015. White, primitive and timid in the forms compared to the later works, which instead expand with impetuousness, bypassing the boundaries of the canvas.

Even if it is not linked to specific historical families of the history of art (like the subsequent series), the candor of the work betrays the strong message of Machiavellian memory contained in it: "we learn from the past to build the future", because history it is cyclical. Learn from the past therefore to inspire a "New Renaissance"; a past in which art has always been a pillar of growth, a pillar of human elevation. Because art, armed with beauty, is the protagonist of all times. Drawing lessons from the past to extract new light in the present. Thus, "Amazement" and "Research" elevate man. An invitation to a new way of behaving for those who care about art. Thus the swaying high reliefs represent Italian law, or rather "the Italian system": a fascinating and sinuous labyrinth, but twisted and impervious at the same time, however, equipped with exit routes, which can only be seen thanks to the human intellect. The "human virtues" (of Machiavellian memory) in fact, are the only ones to be encouraged, to take a way out in dark times.

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