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This series is conceptually connected to the installation "Bonfire of the Vanities" by Savonarola; to the “LOADING ART” series and to the video-photographic project “LOADING ART TO SAVONAROLA!”. Friar Savonarola and his followers on 7 February 1497 burned in Piazza della Signoria in Florence, with the famous "Bonfire of the Vanities", thousands of objects considered impure, sinful, immoral, which in their opinion could generate vanity precisely. Among these, in addition to mirrors, cosmetics, luxurious clothes, also musical instruments, manuscripts, numerous drawings and paintings including those by Botticelli. And precisely among the vanities of the Savonarola bonfire there were also precious, luxurious clothes; thus the DRESS ART series becomes a provocation for the viewer who poses him as a possible wearer of corsets-sculptures with which to dress. It is an invitation to wear a sign of art, to transform oneself, letting oneself be carried away by stripping oneself of one's limits and prejudices in the face of the art that anyone who lets himself be dressed by it democratically wears. In fact, we are all naked in front of art, all invariably the same and art is ready to dress us in wonder and amazement, to strip us of the evil one to wear the good, to take off the veil of the banal to cover us with original virtues.

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