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Mars (Latin: Mars) is the god of war and duels. According to the myth, Juno was envious of the fact that Jupiter had conceived Minerva alone without her participation. She then asked Flora for help who pointed out a flower that grew in the countryside in Aetolia that allowed her to conceive by contact alone. Thus he became the mother of Mars, which he brought up by Priapus, who taught him the art of war. Almost always Mars is depicted wearing a helmet, spear or sword and shield, rarely with a scepter is sometimes portrayed naked , at other times with armor and often has a cloak over his shoulders. He is sometimes represented with a beard but, in most cases, he is bearded. He is depicted on foot or on a chariot pulled by two runaway horses, but he always has a combative aspect. His historical lover is Venus, from their love Cupid was born.
The work seems to wear pointed armor; the armor, however, disintegrates, as a reminder of the transience of the war in front of Venus.

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