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Minerva is the daughter of Jupiter and Meti. She is considered the virgin deity of just war, wisdom, ingenuity, useful arts (architecture, engineering, science, mathematics, geometry, craftsmanship and weaving), as well as inventor of the loom and chariot, For the Romans also goddess of wisdom , arts and state protection.
In pictorial or sculptural representations she was usually portrayed with the appearance of a young warrior virgin, standing wearing a long robe, on her head or in her hand she has a crested helmet; she is armed with a round shield and a spear.
In the sculptural work the Goddess is depicted as a warrior with a baroque helmet, broken in various points, being the same "justice" that protects not always straight.
Being also the Goddess of wisdom and of the "useful arts", in the picture the cerebral synapses are mentioned which increase by increasing the wisdom itself; red is the heart, the driving passion that drives the love for the arts.

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