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Polyphemus was a Cyclops, a giant with only one eye in the center of his forehead; son of the Earth, (Gaea) and Uranus, brother of the three Cyclops Bronte the "Thunder", Sterope, the "Lightning" and Arge, the "Sparkling". According to tradition, they lived on the slopes of the Etna volcano and worked in a huge forge in the belly of the volcano to build lightning strikes for Zeus and other magical works such as Achilles' armor. In pictorial and sculptural representations he is usually always represented with a primitive and gigantic aspect and with only one central eye in the middle of the forehead, with thick and bristly hair and beard; appears above all in the episode of the blinding with Ulysses.
In the work, the steel monocle immersed in a hypnotic iris reflects the reality that surrounds it by distorting it, inviting us to observe ourselves with different eyes.

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